Beer & Cider Club, CANCELLED TILL FURTHER NOTICE. Let us wait for the sunshine!

Welcome to Beer and Cider Club!!

Every 2 months we are going to host an evening of beer and cider tastings, accompanied by a tasty cheese board, with interesting talks from 2 producers on their production methods, how they started, their journey in the craft beer/cider industry and any other snippets they think of.

Our tastings will be hosted by our resident cider lover Keely, and Dan our craft beer enthusiast – who will be there to introduce the night, give their take on the industry, and replenish the cheese!

At the very first cider club at Lime Cross we are going to be joined by the amazing chaps that are Brewing Brothers! They are local brewery who Dan and Keely visit on a regular occasion at the Lamb in Wartling and also their main brew house and pub, The Imperial in Hastings where they produce some very tasty and interesting beers!

Our cider producer is the lovely Greg from South Downs Cider, he is based in Wilmington and producers some darn fine cider, and he recently has branched out from just his medium and dry into natural flavours in his cider, such as Elderflower and rhubarb. All very tasty indeed!! 

Come along and taste an eclectic array of ciders and beers, discover more about the production of these beverages and tuck in to a tasty and generously sized cheese board.

Every other month will be different and as well as tastings with Keely, Dan and our guest speakers, we will arrange brewery visits and you can enjoy discounts on all beer and cider for sale on the night.

Foe all this, our tax to you is a mere £20 for the whole night.

Email: [email protected] to book and more details!!