Getting to know us at Lime Cross

It is that time again! Each week we are asking a few questions to one of our glorious team members at Lime Cross Nursery for a 60 second interview, attempting to figure out what makes them tick.

Here is Tom Fox. Tom is an amazing member of our team, he rustles up some tasty dishes in the kitchen and he is rather funny too. Here he is alluding to his sense of humour with his classic avocado

So, the questions!


Q. What do you love most about Lime Cross Nursery?

A. The friendly atmosphere

Q. How long have you worked here and what do you do?

A. Just under 1 year, I am a cook in the kitchen

Q. What is your favourite edible treat at Olive’s cafe? 

A. Scones 🙂

Q. What is your favourite cocktail?

A. Strawberry daiquiri

Q. What is your favourite coffee?

A. Black americano with marshmallow syrup

Q. Why should someone come to Lime Cross and Olive’s cafe? 

A. Because we are basically the best.

Q. What is your favourite track on the playist at Olive’s 

A. Funky Town

Thank you Tom! These little interviews are just to show you a little snippet of our staff, but do not rely on this, come say hi, we are all super friendly, we love meeting new people and welcoming back familiar faces. We hope to see you soon!!

Love the Olive’s Cafe team x