Halloween Children’s Story Telling with Caroline Cutmore 28th October 11 am, Noon, and 1pm (20 mins) Free event

Join in on this captivating group story telling session in the spooky log cabin at Lime Cross (suitable for children aged between 6-12 years old.) Caroline will read a section from her new book engaging with children and parents, making them eager to find out more. This is a fun and informal event, that is designed to encourage children’s passion for reading and get them in the Halloween spirit.

Caroline is from Cowbeech and one of our lovely customers! She has recently released her new book ‘The Crows of Spooky Wood’, which introduces Vlad, Mackie, Tish, and Maggie, a new gang of children crows, called “The Scavengers” as they embark upon hair-raising adventures together. The tale upholds the importance of friendship, trust, loyalty and sense of duty.

When asked what she wants readers to take away from her book, Cutmore responds, “A sense of the fun friendship and desire to explore outdoors and a new, fresh, understanding of our animal world with respect for all creatures.  And a desire to read more in general.”

Caroline will be signing discounted copies of her book on the day for attendees.

Please RSVP by e mailing helen@limecross.co.uk or calling 01323 833229 (shop). Please specify your child’s name and age and the time slot you’d like. N.B children must not be left unattended at the event, please remain onsite throughout the event, the reading will last no longer than 30 minutes. 

A traditional adventure story, it is however, a clever mix of the old style of novel writing with a liberal sprinkling of a modern magic. It is full of well written twists and turns that will keep even an adult reader guessing what will happen until the end! Caroline Cutmore declares, “the clues are there from the start… if you can spot them!” Caroline hopes this book and the others to follow will encourage all children to explore the Great Outdoors and have fun in our wonderful countryside’.

About the Author:

Caroline Cutmore lives with her husband Neil and their son Alex in the heart of the countryside in East Sussex, on the south coast of England. She grew up in the lovely, seaside town of Eastbourne, with its wonderful coastline, chalk cliffs and stunning scenery. Her childhood there was spent, either down on the beach, playing in the rock pools and swimming in the sea, or upon the Downs, (the beautiful, rolling hills surrounding the town), building camps under the gorse bushes or ice skating on the dew ponds. She comes from a family of teachers, so has an ingrained love of the English language, but chose a very different path, now coaching beginners in the unique art of fly fishing when she is not writing. She draws inspiration for her stories from the surrounding countryside, with its incredible wildlife and from the very special, quintessential English woodland where, every day, in all weathers, she walks her beloved dog, Dora.