There has been a recent explosion of interest in urban and indoor gardening as individuals are once again bringing houseplants into their homes.  With social media highlighting houseplant benefits, the younger generation are increasingly keen to add life, colour and a connection to nature amongst all the technology which dominates many of our lives.  Air-purifying plants are a popular choice and researchers have found that many common houseplants can help absorb the toxins that are emitted from everyday items, including office equipment.  These include ferns, peace lily, mother-in-law’s tongue, gerbera, dragon tree and spider plants to name a few.

Enjoying a comeback from the 1970’s are houseplants such as the spider plant, hanging ferns and cacti and succulents, with orchids still a firm favourite.  Striking palms and bromeliads add architectural structure and definition to any room with their majestic and eye-catching foliage and bright and unusual flowers.  Cascading ivy looks great on shelves, amongst books and trinkets, and vibrantly coloured gerbera adds instant cheer to any window sill.

Cacti and succulents are great low maintenance plants and are currently hugely popular with all ages.  These ready-planted bowls make great statement pieces and will tolerate a degree of neglect, only requiring watering when the soil is dry.

Hooray for houseplants!  They help to freshen up the look of the home and are a great way to bring the outdoors inside to add a natural touch to your living space.  With the right care, your plants will survive longer than a bunch of cut flowers in a vase.

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