Kundalini Yoga Retreat Day with Galit Hughes Saturday 6th October

This day will be dedicated to our beauty, radiance and grace as women. It is suitable for all levels and ages.

Using Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) we will spend the day to peal off the layers of stress from the body and the mind to uncover the essence of our soul and the truth of our identity. The meaning of the word yoga is Unity. Uniting our Body, Mind and Spirit allow the Soul to rest in the centre of our being and radiate its beauty so it shines through our skin, eyes and presence.

Kundalini Yoga uses a kriya (exercise set), breath work, meditation and chanting to bring about a physical, emotional and energetic change that leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, nourished and clear.

Galit Hughes has been teaching Kundalini yoga classes and workshops since 2014 and has been practising acupuncture and massage since 1993. Her workshops are educational, informative and aim to give you a healing experience you can take with you to practice in your every day life.

Please bring with you a yoga mat if you prefer your own, we do have them here, sheepskin (not essential), cushion, blanket and water, swimming costume, towel and wear comfortable cloths.

All teas, coffees & food are provided.

9.45 Meeting at the Lime Cross lake

10.15 Kundalini Yoga class

11.45 Swimming in the crystal clear lake and wood fired hot tub

13.00 Meditation session

13.30  Delicious home made 2 course lunch

14.15 Face yoga session or explore the beautiful gardens and ancient woodland drenched in autumnal glow

15.00 Finish