Olive’s World Malbec Day Dinner

Welcome to another celebration of the world’s cuisines at Olive’s Cafe with our Argentine, Malbec Day Dinner!

Friday 14th April, 2017 at 7pm – 9pm

We are hosting an evening that celebrates the grape variety, Malbec! We will be joining in with the rest of the world, as on the day (and the week before and after) there are more than 70 events that are held in 70 cities across 54 countries. Although we are not celebrating on the actual day (a school night for most!) we will be joining the rest of the world in cheering in the joy of Malbec the Friday before!

Read more about Malbec day here: http://www.winesofargentina.org/malbecworldday/

Now, you do not have to be a wine buff to join in the fun – even if you do not know the grape variety in question, coming along and trying is key! We are celebrating with a 3 course Argentine style dinner, which can be accompanied by our thoughtful selection of Malbec’s, that we will be serving by the glass and bottle.

We are focusing our efforts on Argentina, the true founders of Malbec, who made the grape variety what it is today, but we will also be serving Malbec’s that are slightly lighter in style from other countries, showing the different expressions you can get from one grape variety.

We will only interrupt your dinner and answer questions about the wines if you call us over, the evening is simply to be enjoyed! Come, watch Dan cook us up a treat on the BBQ, have some delicious wines, and celebrate the joy of Malbec with us!



Beef Empanadas

Smoked Mackerel Empanadas

Tomato and Argentine cheese Empanadas (v)



Choose one of the following from the BBQ and it shall be accompanied by ratatouille,

french fries, chimichurri and salad

Argentine Rib-eye steak

Tuna Steak


Corn, Onion, garlic and cheese Humitas



Balcarce (An Argentine ‘Swiss roll’ gateaux)

Budín de pan (Argentine bread Pudding)

Fruit salad with a honey, lime and mint syrup


Or have all three courses: 

With meat/fish main option: £32
With vegetarian main option: £25

For any dietary requirements, questions about the evening, wines or food and to book your table, please email Keely on: [email protected] or phone us on 01323 833229