Ornamental Fuji Cherry is Great for Small Gardens!


Located 60 miles from Tokyo is Mount Fuji.  The highest point in Japan, the mount is actually three separate volcanoes on top of one another with Fuji at the top.  The last time Fuji erupted was over 300 years ago but it is still considered an active volcano.

Mt. Fuji boasts a magnificent range of plant life and the Fuji Cherry (Prunus incisa) is one such species found growing wild on the volcanic slopes.  An ideal flowering cherry for smaller gardens, incisa is usually grown as a shrub rather than a tree.  Being adaptable and easy to grow, incisa will reward you with stunning displays of early spring flowering and spectacular autumn leaf colour.


P. incisa ‘Kojo-no-mai’

This variety is ideal for the smaller garden and has slightly twisted branches which, in early spring, will be smothered in pink-tinged white blossom. Kojo-no-mai is a compact, slow-growing shrub that will happily grow in a container, acid soil not required.  Kojo-no-mai will bud up well, even in semi-shade, and it will thrive in a sheltered place close to trees or larger shrubs and may be pruned after flowering to maintain its size.  As a slow growing plant, it can be kept to a height of around 3ft.  We would recommend re-potting every other year and regular feeding using a slow release fertiliser will keep your plants healthy.  Kojo-no-mai is a popular plant in Japan where it is often seen as a bonsai specimen in tiny gardens.

Prunus incisa ‘Kojo-no-mai’ 

3L £10.99 / Top-worked £45


P. incisa ‘The Bride’

The Bride is a small and delicate deciduous tree which is ideal for smaller gardens and is always a popular choice for a wedding gift!  Bearing pure white, single flowers with a deep red, central flush in mid-spring against naked branches in March/April, the foliage is green in summer, turning bright red and orange in the autumn.

Prunus incisa ‘The Bride’

Top-worked £45


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