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1.8m Wooden Hot Tub with internal heater


Wood Fired Hot Tub. 1.8m Wooden Hot Tub with internal heater.

  • Wooden Lid +£149
  • High Flow Drain Tap +£65
  • Top Rim Decoration
  • LED Underwater Lighting +£199
  • Chimney Heat Guard +£99
  • Wood Treatment (Natural or Brown) +£59
  • Stirring Paddle +£39
  • Mini Bar +£39
  • Wooden Cover Around the Int. Heater +£125
Product Description

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Thanks to the natural lightness and resilience of the wood, our spruce tub with built-in stove is ideal for home use. Spruce boasts several innate qualities that make it perfect for building top quality tubs. Key amongst these is the fact that, like redwood, spruce is resistant to shrinking and will keep its shape even when used outdoors. Moreover, spruce is less resinous than many other commonly used wood (such as redwood or cedar), which means that the finish will remain spotless for longer. There is no such thing as wood that doesn’t require treatment, however, and we recommend that you apply some wood treatment on annual basis and you can be assured it will stand the test of time with ease.

In addition to these practical qualities, spruce is also highly regarded by experts in aromatherapy for its healing and relaxing qualities. Indeed, it is said to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which aid the body’s natural healing process.

Wooden Lid

For the full natural effect, we recommend adding the wooden lid accessory. Not only does it match the beautiful wood the hot tub is made out of, but it keeps debris out of the wood fire hot tub and allows the water to reach maximum temperature quicker.

Please note: the wooden lid will react to the steam and sun and might get warped eventually regardless of how well the wood is treated. This will still do the job it’s meant to do (keep the rubbish away from dropping into the tub) but may lose the brand new aesthetic look. This is considered as normal wear and tear and will not be covered under any warranty. If you require an insulated lid, please contact us, as we have couple companies we can recommend (Prices start at £399)

Top Rim Decoration

The top rim decoration is one of the most popular upgrades and provides a place to comfortably rest your head on and add a beautiful accessory to your wooden hot tub. The rim also provides a place to set your drinks, candles, and a convenient bench so that you can restfully sit outside of the tub but keep your feet in!

Please note that the top rim decoration panels will react to the sun and weather conditions and might get some minor cracks on the panels if not covered. This is considered as normal wear and tear and will not be covered under any warranty.

Stirring Paddle

Our wood fired hot tubs get hot, especially right next to the stove! To keep the temperature consistent throughout the tub, we offer our striking wooden stirring paddle to stir the water so that you know what temperature you are dipping into. It only requires 3-4 stirs during the heating process.

Air Bubble System

An air bubble system is the perfect upgrade if you are looking to get the maximum therapeutic benefits of your wooden hot tub. It is a small air blower that will relax and soothe your muscles, as well as keep the water rotating and moving around your body.

We normally install 8-12 jets (depending on the model) into the bottom. Please note, this is not a hydro massage system but makes the tub very bubbly! You can also control the air flow (air jets) in order to regulate how intensive you want the bubbly tub to be.

Hydro Massage system

Relax in comfort with our Hydro Massage system. We add 8 jets fitted to the side of the tub at various positions so that you can find one that hits the right spot. The difference between the air bubble system and the massage system is that the water is coming out from hydro massage system and air is coming out from air bubble system.

LED Lighting

A fun way to set the mood and enjoy your relaxing background is to add the underwater LED lights to your hot tub! Use them to help your guests guide their way in the hot tub, or just for a colourful addition. Our LED lights are specifically made for our hot tubs to allow you to get the maximum effect of illumination.

Chimney Heat Guard

An important accessory for a low price, the chimney heat guard will keep everyone around your hot tub and stove safe. The chimney and stove’s lid will get excessively hot, so we recommend using our chimney heat guard, to keep stray hands and feet from guests who have had a few drinks and children from an accident!

High Flow Drain Tap

A high flow drain tap is the perfect addition to drain your water quickly. It is a custom made stainless steel elbow shape pipe and a valve fitted on the side of the wall. The built in drains do their job well, but the high flow drain tap will drain your tub in the matter of minutes, and comes with a nozzle to connect a hose and be in control of where your water drains to. The standard drain is similar to the one like in the sink and when you unplug it, the water goes straight under the tub.

Natural Linseed Oil

All woods need to be treated to prolong their ‘fresh’ wood look. We recommend our natural linseed oil that will keep your hot tub in its best shape! For the best care, it is important to treat your wooden hot tub annually with linseed oil or similar.

Mini Bar

What hot tub is complete without a mini bar? We all enjoy a relaxing dip in the hot tub with our favorite drink and snack, so we have conveniently provided a beautiful wooden mini bar stand with four slots so that your drinks don’t get knocked over and into the water. Enjoy the accessibility and décor of our wooden mini bar! If you require more drink slots, please contact us and we can provide more!

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