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Ancient Gnarled Olive Tree planted in Corten Steel Container


Magnificent, gnarled, ancient Olive Tree planted into a stylish Corten Steel container.

Product Description

This truly magnificent specimen is probably within the region of 250 years old. Sourced from a reputable grower in Spain, it will thrive in the UK, tolerating temperatures of -12 C and providing all year round colour with its leathery foliage. We have planted the tree into a stylish Corten Steel container, fertiliser was added and there is room for the tree to grow and stay within the container for decades. The Corten Steel is incredibly durable and will age and develop into different shades, as illustrated by the chart.

The tree will need to be positioned in a sunny spot with good wind shelter and will benefit from being pruned in the winter. To increase the likelihood of the olive fruiting you might want to add some tomato feed.

In summary Olive Trees, like Grape Vines thrive on neglect, making them perfect for the busy gardener.

This particular example has been hand picked by our nursery team for its spectacular form and excellent condition.

£1700 including the container.