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Cham. obtusa Nana Gracilis (Hinoki cypress)


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Product Description

Hand grafted and propagated here at Lime Cross Nursery.

Cham. obtusa Nana Gracilis (Hinoki cypress). ‘Nana Gracilis’ is a slow-growing evergreen conifer making a medium-sized shrub to 2m, irregularly conical in habit, with glossy dark green foliage in short, concave sprays. Due to its slow growing habit it would be ideal for a small garden and can be easily pruned in mid-summer to prevent disease. This evergreen could also be grown in a container for a number of years and would look great on a patio in a sunny position planted up with seasonal bedding to create more interest. Can live in a suitable container on your patio.
• Best planted in full sun on well-drained soil
• Happy on chalk and clay
• Exposed or sheltered sites