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Ginkgo biloba Mariken Topworked Grafted


Yes! Ginkgo is a conifer, which some people do no know!

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Hand grafted and propagated here at Lime Cross Nursery. Yes! Ginkgo is a conifer, which some people do no know!  An amazing Ginkgo fact it was among the few living things to survive Hiroshima, Japan, where six trees growing between 1–2 km from the 1945 atom bomb explosion were discovered after the horrific blast.

This a very rare specimen produced from a slow growing form of Ginkgo biloba which had been topworked grafted on to a stem to create height. Lime green leaves that come out like stars in Spring, turning into beautiful fan shaped leaves in mid spring all the way through to Autumn when the leaves turn a vivid yellow. Brilliant for containers and really make a great feature in the garden. Can be pruned, but will naturally grow into an umbrella shape.
Prefers full sun to full shade; out of cold and drying winds – especially coastal winds.
Will thrive in all soils, but avoid waterlogged areas; very dry soils will need extra watering

Our Plants (These plants are approx 20 years old)
Height from the top of the pot (in the ground) 203cm (80inches)
Width: 82cm (32inches)
Bare Stem: 153cm (5ft)