Tamsin’s Top Tips on ‘Helping your Garden in a Heat Wave’

Helping your garden in the heatwave – top 10 tips to help your garden survive this summer!

  1. Thoroughly soak plants before you plant them by submerging in a bucket of water and leave to soak for a short while.
  2. Water newly planted trees and shrubs as a priority. Ensure the root ball is wet, checking with a trowel if necessary.
  3. On free-draining soils, dig in some good organic matter to help improve water retention (such as Jack’s Magic all-purpose compost, 2 for £12) before planting new plants and water in well to help settle the roots. Water regularly thereafter.
  4. On heavy soils, add a mixture of organic matter and sharp sand or grit to improve water retention and reduce surface cracking.
  5. Apply mulch around plants to help keep the soil cool and reduce surface evaporation (keeping the mulch away from the centre of the plant as this could lead to rotting in winter).
  6. Water wisely! Use wastewater from your home to water plants and containers.
  7. Move small pots and containers into the shade and water hanging baskets over potted plants so any run-off water is utilised.
  8. The grass on your lawn may go brown and appear to have died but the grass will regrow when rain returns. Therefore, watering lawns is not essential.
  9. Add extra shading to your greenhouse, poly tunnel and conservatory to avoid overheating.
  10. Finally, keep your cool! Enjoy the shady spots in your garden or sit under an umbrella, wear sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat.  Don’t forget to protect your skin with a good sunscreen and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. Or come along to a wild swimming event at Lime Cross !