Tree Planting this Autumn- by Lawrence

The time to plant is now! At Lime cross we have over 200 varieties of container grown trees which are best planted in September/October when the ground is warm. Trees are like hibernating animals, fortifying themselves with nutrients before winter, which can then be used to take them through the cold dormant months. Autumn root growth gives the tree the ability to cram itself with food and hydration so planting a tree at a time to take advantage of this process is ideal. We have several varieties of trees on hand with beautiful autumn colours which would be perfect to plant right now such as, Sorbus aucuparia (Rowan), Prunus (Cherry), Malus (Crab Apple), Liquid Amber (Sweet Gum). Here is some advice on planting the tree.

When planting the tree make sure that the width of the planting pit is a minimum of one and a half times as large as the container and up to a maximum of two times as wide. After the pit has been dug, hammer some tree stakes in ground to support the tree at least 30 cm below the pit in the direction of the wind. Remove tree from container place it in the hole and fill with fertiliser around the tree with a mix of the soil removed from the hole. Tie a tree tie around the stake or stakes and attach to tree. Apply two watering cans full of water to tree.