Why walking in the woods is good for your soul.

We strive each day to find a way to unwind, whether that be with a 30 minute stint of yoga, perhaps a glass of wine and a foot rub after work, some simply seek out some good old peace and quiet with a book. There are some of us who head to the woods.

Going down to the woods at Lime Cross Nursery every morning totally revives me. It sets me up for the day ahead. I am not quite sure what it is, perhaps the birds singing their morning chorus, or is it the wind rustling excited energy up and around me, or simply the peace and quiet and enjoying that moment to clear my mind.

Whatever it is, it’s a marvelous thing. I can feel my body easing up, I feel lighter, frisky in body and age where I want to run and scamp around the forest in an elf like manner. There is so much life in the woods from the ducks paddling in the lake, the family of deer frolicking around, to the fat toads jumping into the water, it’s a beautiful spot, and you are immersed deep into the world of nature. The woods at Lime Cross are ancient, so it means you cannot interfere with it at all – you have to leave it wild! Which make it even more magical.

I not only walk there myself, but I walk my dog Mr Rumbles, and now my two feline companions Betty and Bonnita – they are lost without their morning jaunt, as am I!

According to research, not only does it clear your mind, relax you and set you up for the day, it has proven scientific benefits that I do not think most people have realised. “According to Karjalainen and colleagues at the Finnish Forest Research Institute, it can reduce stress and depression, ease muscle tension, counter attention deficit disorder, even calm an erratic heart.” so not only is it good for your heart, soul, and mind but it is good for your physical body too.

In Germany, they have many outdoor forest schools (which we will be setting up here at Lime Cross too!) where children can come, learn about nature, have fun, be in a magical environment whilst learning crucial life skills and socialising. It is shown in Germany that students that go to forest schools increase their general learning skills along with improving their memory which overall enhances their cognitive learning and manual dexterity. This is just another small reason of why you and your loved ones should take to the woods!

So there you have it, coming to Lime Cross, enjoying the grounds, the Alpacas, perhaps joining in with our thai chi, pilates or yoga retreats & afternoons, then finishing with a dip in our crystal clear lake and a walk in our ancient woodland, will not be just fun, but be incredibly good for your body and soul.

Pop over to our Well being in the Wild website, for more details on how you can come experience some of the magic.

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