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The Magical OOD House - a place to unwind surrounded by nature. 

The Magical OOD House - a place to unwind surrounded by nature. 

Posted by Helen Soudain on

The OOD house (a mirrored glass building that’s situated by our lake here at the nursery, you can take a look around here: has been open to guests since August this year and we have been blown away with the wonderful guests we’ve had so far. 

Our guests have enjoyed the tranquillity of the surroundings and spotting the local wildlife from buzzards, kingfisher, heron, wagtails, wrens and swallows while enjoying a peaceful swim around the lake and relaxing in the warm wood fired hot tub whilst taking in the stunning views. An evening stroll around our pinetum, vineyard and ancient woodland as the sun sets makes a perfect end to the day. 

Many of our guests have enjoyed the delights of our local restaurants. In the centre of the village is The Sundial Restaurant which serves classical French and modern cuisine. You may wonder where Herstmonceux’s name originates from and yes the monceux originates from France all the way back to 1066 (Battle of Hastings) so it's very fitting that we have such a fine french restaurant in the village.

The Brewers Arms pub and Henner's Vineyard are also within walking distance of the OOD house, so ideal if you want to enjoy a couple of glasses of wine. Alternatively the local Indian restaurant Eastern Promise and Willows Fish and Chips are favourites for a great takeaway which can be enjoyed by the lake. 

The OOD house is available throughout the winter months as its the perfect place for a cosy get away. If you would like to know more about staying at The OOD House just drop us an email at or to make a reservation click on the following link:

View from behind the building.

Ancient woodland at Lime Cross Nursery.

The Secret Vineyard


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