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ÖÖD House

One Design - Different Possibilities


The idea of the ÖÖD house was born when brothers Andreas and Jaak Tiik were planning a weekend of hiking in their Estonian homeland. They were looking for a small house in a beautiful spot where they could spend the night. However, all they could find were log houses for larger groups of people or small houses of mediocre quality.


They were far from the ideal house the brothers were looking for and did not meet their expectations or the goal of the holiday. This experience gave them the idea to create a ÖÖD hotel concept with a stylish and bold design, consisting of hotel rooms and auxiliary buildings such as reception, restaurant, conference rooms, spa, or gym.

What is an ÖÖD House?

ÖÖD houses are striking, yet sympathetic buildings. They blend beautifully into any setting courtesy of the insulated glazing that covers the front and side elevations. 

Spa & Beauty Treatments

Due to Coronavirus we are currently unable to offer any of our spa & beauty tretments. We are hopeful it will possible to do so again very soon.

We offer a range of Lime Cross Spa Treatments in our ÖÖD show house.

With uninterrupted views across the lake the ÖÖD house offers a tranquil environment for a pampering session with Sandy, a qualified practitioner. Treatments will include Facials, Massages, Manicure and Pedicures.

Contact us to find out more.

Purchase an ÖÖD?

ÖÖD houses offer stand-alone living space for both residential and commercial purposes, while ÖÖD rooms offer stand-alone recreational spaces without the cost of shower, kitchen and sleeping facilities.

They are distributed exclusively in the UK by Round Wood of Mayfield. Contact us to visit our ÖÖD show house.