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Interview with Di Tate on Yoga For Life

Interview with Di Tate on Yoga For Life

Posted by Helen Soudain on

How long have you been practising yoga for? 

D.T- Oh… more than 20 years now on and off

What benefits have you noticed over the years from yoga? 

Yoga has helped me during some hard times giving me some escapism, it has also kept me flexible and agile, even these days I feel quite bendy !

What advice would you give someone who is apprehensive about trying yoga?  

I’d reassure them that everyone can do yoga and it doesn’t matter exactly how flexible you are it’s about what you personally gain from the class and about seeing mini improvements occur over the weeks or years

What yoga class are you going to at the moment? 

I am so lucky that  Safia is teaching a lake side class on Thursdays at 1:45- 2:45, it’s perfect for me as it’s quite a gentle class, Safia is very in tune with the classes needs, but we do have varied levels attending and everyone gains a lot from the class

Whats your favourite thing about yoga? 

That it’s an hour or so of uninterrupted me time, I sleep well from yoga and I enjoy the social interaction before and after, oops that’s 3 things! But I could think of many more.


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