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Silver Gilt At Rhs Chatsworth Flower Show

Silver Gilt At Rhs Chatsworth Flower Show

Posted by Helen Soudain on

Vicky & Helen spent the weekend creating a captivating conifer stand at RHS Chatsworth Plant Show.

The theme of the display was ‘well being, wildness and escapism’. This came about as Vicky & Helen feel that conifers create a sense of nostalgia and escapism as they evoke memories of far away places where they can be found in the wild.

The stand was also a tribute to Jon Tate, Vicky & Helen’s Dad (co-founder of the nursery) who sadly died in 2014. Some of the mature plants on the stand had been grown and cared for by Jon he would have been so happy and proud to see his conifers showcased at Chatsworth.

Chatsworth is on until this Sunday 10th, follow this link for more information. 


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