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Conifer Hedge for Sale

If you are searching for a conifer hedge for sale, Lime Cross Nursery has one of the widest selections available to buy online in the UK today. Our expert team can help you choose the best variety for your garden or park area and deliver it directly to your door in pristine condition.




Conifer Hedge Plants

Conifer hedge plants not only look fantastic they have several benefits to the environment. They can help reduce noise pollution and protect from problems such as strong winds. They also act as a natural habitat for local wildlife from birds and small mammals to butterflies and insects.

Easy to maintain and providing an evergreen splash of colour all year round, they are the perfect solution for parks and gardens and thrive in a wide variety of soil types. Conifer hedge plants like the thuja family can grow as high as 6 metres and spread 1 metre so can also provide a high degree of privacy.

Conifer Hedge Plants for Sale

At Lime Cross Nursery, we’ve honed our expertise over the last 70 years and there’s not much we don’t know about conifers of every variety. We provide a wide range of attractive conifer hedge plants for sale and can deliver anywhere in the UK.
At the heart of our business model is sustainability. Conifer hedge plants are not only wonderful habitats for wildlife of all types but create a healthy ecosystem that is perfect for the environment, particularly in the inner city and town locations.

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Whether you’re a homeowner, local landscaper, council or property developer, you can access a wide variety of conifers from the team at Lime Cross Nursery. Available online at a competitive price, you can begin transforming any garden or park area the minute your plant arrives.

Browse our selection and buy a conifer hedge today.