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Conifers for Small Gardens

We have one of the widest ranges of conifers for small gardens for sale in the UK. Order online and your plants will be delivered directly to your door, in pristine condition and just a few days.


If you have only a small garden it can be challenging to find the right plants. Conifers may seem like they would be too big but many dwarf varieties are perfect for any size garden.

Most conifers are evergreen which means they provide a splash of colour all year around. If you’re looking for elegance and style, they’re a perfect choice.

Best Conifers for Small Gardens

While they are often called dwarf conifers, these are normal ones but are slow growing – they will get much bigger but not for many years. At Lime Cross Nursery, we have conifers at all stages of development and you can easily order these online.

They come in an attractive pot delivered to your home and are ready to put out in your garden immediately. The great thing about evergreen conifers for small gardens is that they look fantastic and have delicate fragrances, particularly in the spring and summer.

Columnar Conifers for Small Garden

Columnar conifers which grow directly up and don’t spread out are perfect for small garden areas. The Yellow Ribbon conifer, for example, is a popular choice as it has a pyramidal shape and can grow in a pot. That means you can fit it easily on a patio area or on paving and it requires very little maintenance.

Small Conifers for Small Gardens

Conifers for small gardens are available to buy online from Lime Cross Nursery. We have hundreds of different varieties available so it’s easy to find the perfect match for any size space.

If you are searching for amazing small conifers for small gardens, browse our catalogue today.