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Large Conifers for Sale

There’s nothing more attractive in the garden than a fully grown conifer. Finding large conifers for sale, however, can be difficult. The good news is that Lime Cross Nursery has a wide selection to buy online that can be delivered safely to your doorstep in next to no time.







Large Conifer Trees for Sale

Key to our success over the last 70 years is our ability to deliver a wide variety of different conifers to many types of customers, including homeowners who want something spectacular for their garden and landscapers who are looking for something functional and attractive.

We offer:

  • Large conifers trees for sale online with delivery across the UK.

  • High-quality varieties delivered to your doorstep in pristine condition.

As a family-owned business with sustainability at its heart, we know that any large conifer trees for sale need to be in great condition and well looked after. We have amazing and highly qualified experts on site to ensure just that.

Large Conifers in Pots

We also provide a wide selection of large conifers in pots that are ideal for small and medium-sized gardens. Not only do they provide a splash of colour throughout the year, but they can also be a great environment for a wide range of different animals and insects.

The good thing about large conifers in pots is that they can be positioned anywhere and moved whenever you want. They’re also very easy to maintain and look after and immediately create a beautiful centrepiece for any space.

Buying any plant online can sometimes be a lottery. At Lime Cross Nursery, we ensure that your large conifer arrives in pristine condition, ready to make a big impact in your garden.

Buy Large Conifers

You can buy large conifers direct from Lime Cross Nursery online today. All you need to do is browse our catalogue and make your selection. We’ll do the rest.