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Ornamental Conifers for Sale

There’s nothing more spectacular than the more exotic varieties of conifer if you want to create an impact. They can transform any space, big or small, in the blink of an eye. At Lime Cross Nursery, we have an exceptional range of ornamental conifers for sale online, with direct delivery to your door.



Ornamental Conifers

Ornamental conifers come in all shapes and sizes and can add a huge amount of dimension to gardens and park spaces. They’re also perfect for indoor growth. One of the best things about ornamental conifers, however, is that you can enjoy them all year round.

  • They add a vibrant splash of colour and are excellent for smaller gardens as well as much larger green spaces.

  • Varieties like the Pencil Pine or the Japanese White Pine are ideal for growing in pots and are very easy to maintain.

  • Many conifers can last from 20 to 50 years if they are well looked after so they are a great investment for any garden or park location.

Not only that, ornamental conifers for sale are widely available from Lime Cross Nursery, which means you can access 100s of different varieties all in one place.

Ornamental Conifer Trees

With more than 70 years of delivering quality for our customers, the team at Lime Cross Nursery have particular expertise when it comes to ornamental conifer trees. As a family-owned business, we have put sustainability and great service at our heart.

We like nothing better than helping our customers access the exact ornamental conifer trees they are searching for. Our online ordering makes it easy to pick and choose from 100s of varieties and we take extra care when delivering to your door. That means you can be perfectly sure that your plant is going to arrive in pristine condition.

Decorative Conifers

If you are searching for the best decorative conifers online for delivery direct to your doorstep, browse our selection today.