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Best Conifers for Small Gardens

Best Conifers for Small Gardens

Posted by Helen Soudain on

Here at Lime Cross Nursery, we have loved conifers for a long time so we are excited to see them being placed creatively in many amazing gardens such as Great Dixter, showing you how with consideration and maintenance conifers can be seen in a very different light and become a great feature in any landscape. 

Conifers come in various shapes, sizes, textures and even colours throughout the seasons. They add shape, texture and structure to your garden with their needles, leaves and cones in an array of colours from green, yellow, blue and copper tones. 

We have chosen six of our favourite miniature or dwarf conifers that we feel are perfect for smaller gardens, pots, troughs, borders and rockeries as they are slow growing and will bring colour and detail to your space all year round especially throughout winter when they will also attract and provide shelter for birds.

It’s easy to see why conifers are a staple of most garden landscapes.

A couple of years ago Vicky was interviewed for an article on conifers, it’s a great little read and full of info on why many gardeners like Fergus Garrett from Great Dixter use conifers throughout a garden landscape.

Click on the link below to read the full article:

Below are some of our conifers displayed in pots at Great Dixter. 


Abies veitchii ‘Heddergott' needles are arranged perfectly to expose their brilliant bright white undersides giving the plant the appearance of a winter frost, even in the heat of summer.

Abies veitchii ‘Heddergott’


Abies pinsapo 'Horstmann' is an exceptional compact evergreen conifer with a spreading and rounded habit in youth, becoming densely pyramidal with age. The short vivid blue needles are arranged radially around the branchlets.

Abies pinsapo 'Horstmann'


The finely textured, soft green foliage of the mounding Cryptomeria japonica ‘Mushroom’ turns a dramatic russet with mahogany highlights in winter. Its thin evenly spaced needles on delicate branches create an open airy look that requires little to no pruning to maintain.

Cryptomeria japonica ‘Mushroom’


Pinus heldreichii ‘Smidtii' commonly called Bosnian pine, is native to dry limestone soils in mountain areas of the Balkans, Italy and Greece. This cultivar forms a slow growing small mound. Glossy dark green needles in pairs form dense foliage. 

Pinus heldreichii 'Smidtii'


Pinus nigra ‘Komet’s’ dark green, medium length needles adorn upward growing branches that seem to be reaching into the sky like a rocket shooting up into the atmosphere. In spring, tan candles emerge adding more details of interest to a garden. 

Pinus nigra ‘Komet'


Thuja occidentalis 'Danica' is a slow-growing, evergreen, dwarf coniferous shrub forming a dense, globose bush of bright green upright sprays of foliage, tinged bronze in winter. 

Thuja occidentalis 'Danica'


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