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Bulk Buy Conifer Trees

If you are looking to bulk buy conifer trees, at Lime Cross we take great pride in the fact that we have one of the largest selections in the UK.

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Our horticulturists have an immense amount of experience behind them and are very used to helping organisations and individuals who want to buy conifers in bulk.

There are hundreds of different types of conifer trees and each brings something different to any garden or park landscape. Our amazing selection, carefully nurtured in our Lime Cross nursery, means you have everything you need in one place.

Bulk Buy Conifers

With more than 70 years of experience behind us, we’re a family-owned business that puts sustainability at the heart of everything we do. Conifers are the perfect evergreen plants for any landscape and we’ve got a huge selection for you to choose from.

That includes everything from elegant compact white firs and diminutive Korean firs that are ideal for pots to the distinctive blue angel of Lebanon that initially comes from the slopes of the Himalayas as well as more common English varieties.
If you are planning to bulk buy conifers, there’s not much our expert team doesn’t know about the hundreds of online plants that you can choose from today. Whether you want a particular strain of conifer or would like a mix in your garden or park area, our fully qualified horticulturists are on hand right now to give you all the advice you need.

Buy Conifers in Bulk

When you bulk buy conifer trees, you want to be sure of quality across the board, whether you’re choosing one variety or several different ones.

At Lime Cross, we work with individual homeowners, local councils, park managers and property developers to make sure they get the right combination for their needs at a competitive cost, all delivered safely and ready to plant.

Browse our selection and buy conifers in bulk today.