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Conifers in Pots

Many conifers are suitable for pots and at Lime Cross Nursery we’ve got a wide variety for sale. Conifers in pots can immediately transform even a small garden space and provide a year-round splash of natural colour.


Easy to maintain and great for local wildlife, families like Pinaceae grow to a height of a few metres. Others like Meyer’s dwarf conifers take up little space and will grow to about 60 centimetres – ideal for areas like balconies.

Conifer Trees in Pots

At Lime Cross Nursery, we offer a range of conifer trees in pots online, with safe delivery to anywhere in the UK. Over the 70 years since we first began, we’ve constantly expanded the varieties that we have on-site. All are lovingly tended by our amazing team of horticulturists before being sent out to customers.

Many people don’t realise that conifer trees in pots don’t just thrive outdoors but can be a great addition as a house plant. They’re easy to maintain and grow in a wide variety of soil types.

Conifers in Pots for Sale

If you are searching for conifers in pots for sale, the good news is that we think that we’ve got all the bases covered. At our specialist nursery in Lime Cross, we’ve gathered together hundreds of different varieties from dwarf plants to much larger families of conifer.

One of the worries about buying conifers in pots online is what condition they’ll be in once they arrive at your doorstep. The good news is that we take delivery very seriously and you can be 100% confident that the plant you receive will be in a pristine state.

Conifer Plant Pots

There’s nothing more attractive than a few conifer plant pots in the garden or around the house. Low maintenance and hardy, they’re the perfect way to add a little colour to your home all year round.
If you are searching for conifers in pots for sale online, browse our extensive collection today.