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Tall Conifers for Sale

There’s nothing more striking than a tall conifer tree to add some character to your garden. Lime Cross Nursery has a wide range of elegant tall conifers for sale. You can order online today and have your brand new tree delivered in a pot straight to your door in next to no time.





Tall Thin Conifers for Sale

There are hundreds of different varieties of tall conifers including the elegant Japanese Sugi Pine that can grow to 6 feet in height. Conifers are evergreen which means that you’ll always have that amazing splash of colour in your garden – if it snows over winter, tall thin conifers look spectacular.

We have some exceptional tall thin conifers for sale in our extensive nursery and we’re proud of the selection that we can offer our customers around the UK.

Tall Conifers in Pots

Some people prefer to keep tall conifers in pots, others want to plant them in the garden. The good news is that, when you order your plants from the team at Lime Cross Nursery, you can be sure that your new tall conifer tree will look fantastic and is in perfect condition.
We deliver tall conifers in pots all over the UK and we take great pride in making sure your order is ready to put out in the garden immediately. Whether it’s for the front lawn or back patio, when you buy tall conifers from Lime Cross Nursery, you can be 100% sure of exceptional quality.

Tall Conifer Trees For Sale

We know that our customers may be looking for a tree of a certain height and shape. Our tall conifer trees for sale are at various stages of development. Our amazing and talented team of horticulturists have helped nurture one of the biggest selections in the UK today.

If you are looking to buy tall conifer trees for sale online, browse our extensive catalogue today.