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Slow Growing Conifers

If you’ve got a small area or simply want something decorative, slow growing conifers are the perfect solution. They can be grown in pots and places just about anywhere and they don’t take a lot of maintenance.

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There are hundreds of different varieties of slow growing conifers to choose from and they can create an immediate impact in your garden or park space, whether in a pot or planted in the borders.

Slow Growing Conifers for Pots

At Lime Cross Nursery, some of our most popular ranges are slow growing conifers for pots. These provide an immediate splash of colour and class to any garden area and are perfect if you want a plant that stays pretty much the same all year, even during winter.

The good news is that we have 100s of different varieties from all around the world and we’re one of the leading specialists in the UK today. Not only that, you can buy slow growing conifers for pots online and have them delivered straight to your door.

Small Slow Growing Conifers

You may not want a large plant that dominates your garden or park space. Small slow growing conifers are the ideal solution if you want something highly decorative and which is easy to maintain throughout the year.

We’re a family-owned business that has sustainability and great service at the heart of everything we do. Not only are conifers wonderful for the environment but they can provide a little bit of essential habitat for a wide range of creatures.

Slow Growing Conifer Trees

Slow growing conifer trees mean that you don’t have to worry about anything getting out of control and maintaining your plant. While they’re ideal for borders or simply growing in pots, they can be a great addition if you want something different for your indoor plants.

Discover our amazing range of slow growing conifer trees available to buy online today.