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Grown Conifers for Sale

If you want instant impact, our pot grown conifers for sale can be delivered straight to your door, ready to plant and impress from the second they arrive. Lime Cross Nursery has one of the largest selections of miniature and large conifer trees in the UK today.

Sold Out

Sold Out

Our expert team have cultivated an amazing array of varieties from fast-growing leylandii to the impressive Japanese sugi-pine, an evergreen that can grow up to a height of 7 metres or more. We pride ourselves in helping our customers transform their garden and park spaces in next to no time.

Fully Grown Conifers

While they can be much larger and the work to plant them can be a little more arduous, fully grown conifers provide that immediate impact that many of our customers are looking for. Some larger varieties can take several years to reach full maturity and we don’t think you should have to wait.

At Lime Cross Nursery, we’ve spent the last 70 years helping gardeners and landscapers across the UK create amazing features. The good news is that fully grown conifers can now be ordered online and delivered directly to your door at a competitive price.

Pre Grown Conifers

Our pre grown conifers are designed to take the hassle out of waiting. It means you can receive delivery of an almost mature conifer that is ready to plant and will make an instant impact on the surrounding landscape.

Pre-grown conifers are ideal if you want to create a wonderful habitat for local wildlife. These amazing evergreens provide colour and protection all year round.

Grown Conifers for Sale

We pride ourselves at Lime Cross Nursery on helping our customers in any way we can. There’s not much we don’t know about the wide variety of different conifers and we have many, pre grown ones ready for delivery right now.

If you are searching for grown conifers for sale, browse our selection today.